Add a universal command palette

It is an increasingly common UX feature in applications, the Command Palette that you invoke through a simple shortcut (usually CTRL/CMD + P or K). You find it in VSCode, Github, Obsidian to only cite a few and it fits in the whole “Application Launcher with benefits” paradigm that is getting more and more common in main OS (Alfred, Spotlight, Win + Space, etc.).
When Fibery is used extensively as a work tool, it becomes rapidly one of the main app where we spend our time and we could really use some help navigating it.
Today, CTRL/CMD + K opens the universal search with an option to create entities, but if we are honest, I find the entity creation part a bit clunky as you need to leave the prompt (either by mouse or by tab) to select “create”.
I would love for this shortcut to do much much more: open up a space, create entity from prompt, initiate an automation in a specific space, a more powerful search (including search inside automations), full palette of actions on the search results, contextualized actions depending on the currently opened and active document/view, report a bug or suggest an improvement, get help, etc.
Basically control all Fibery from a simple shortcut.