How to get your Text fields etc. INDEXED for SEARCH

Currently Fibery only indexes entity Name fields and Rich Text fields for Search.

If you also want other fields indexed, you can make your entity Name a Formula field, and stuff in all the other entity field values you want searchable.

The disadvantage to that approach is you end up with long, complicated entity names.

Here’s an alternative:

1) Create a Rich Text field to contain all the text that you want indexed - I call mine “Indexable”.

2) Create a Formula field to collect all your other (non RTF) indexable entity fields - I call mine “Indexable Text” –


Note that you can include Single Select fields, like [Task Type].Name
Also, no need to include the entity Name, since that is already indexed.

3) Create a Rule that triggers when “Indexable Text” is updated, and writes it to the “Indexable” RTF field:

4) Hide the new Indexable and Indexable Text ancillary fields.

That’s All! :smiley:


Note that only words of 5+ characters get indexed :cry:

UPDATE: So that was very poorly worded - what I meant was that I must type at least 5 characters into Search before it returns any hits for a longer word (like “indexable”).

Also, you can do this with just the “Indexable” RTF and a Rule (without the “Indexable Text” Formula field), but then your Rule has to trigger on updates to any of the component fields, and they also have to all be included in the RTF Template - like this:


I don’t know… but when I type “inde” into search, I get no results, even though “index” gets me what I expect - e.g. hits for “indexable”.

Maybe “all” words are indexed, but words of 5+ letters seem to need at least five letters typed in to return any hits?? In a RTF anyway.

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There is definitely something odd about how the matching works for partial words. I ran into this recently myself. If I can remember what I did and reproduce I’ll post details.


Thank you @Matt_Blais this was very helpful to me! Your index solution solved my issue neatly.

I’d clarify (for other readers) that a benefit of formatting the description with field names, is you can use it to increase readability in the search results preview. Naturally this is subject to change if Fibery modify how their search works, but as I’m writing this, it works neatly.

In my case I preferred a formula, and by prefixing some fields, the search results are easy to digest: