Table Mode UI/UX Difficulties

Loving the new grid->table mode. However, there are a few issues that are affecting UX and quality of life I wanted to bring attention to, in order:

  1. Editing Text/Numbers
    When single-clicking on a text/number cell (that is: selecting the cell itself, NOT double clicking your cursor into it) and then typing a number, the typed number appends onto the existing numbers. This is not my expected behavior - nor is it the norm in any other spreadsheet software I am familiar with (notably: excel, google sheets, etc.) - nor is this the behavior when pasting text onto a cell. I would expect that typing onto a single-clicked cell would completely overwrite the existing content, while typing into a double-clicked cell (with placed cursor) would add characters wherever the cursor is placed. Personally, I find this tremendously unintuitive and frustrating, particularly with numbers: I almost never want to change a value in a cell by multiplying-by-ten-and-adding-whatever-key-i-just-typed. I also cannot think of very many cases where this is how people interact with number data.
  2. Deselecting large selections
    It is currently very easy to select a number of rows (great!). Unfortunately, it is not so easy to deselect them. Based on general UI/UX expectations from excel, google sheets, Mac Finder, Windows Explorer, etc, I would expect that I am able to click into an empty area to deselect all that is selected. Unfortunately, the most expedient way currently seems to be to click the “select all” header checkbox twice.
  3. Right-Click actions on all selections
    Currently, if selecting a right-click action amongst a large selection set, this action only applies to a single action. This runs counter to my intuitive expectation, which is that this action will apply to all selected entities.

The first issue on this list is - for me - by far the most frustrating. The others seem like small quality of life tweaks.

And (because it bears repeating) I adore fibery. It’s the best product in the space by a landslide. The recent updates are amazing. Keep up the incredible work


We will fix 1 asap. 2 (soon), and 3 will take more time, I’d say few months till we get to batch updates


Amazing, thank you Michael!
3 feels much more like a nice-to-have than a need-to-have.
Always grateful for you and your teams attention to detail and quality of development

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First problem was addressed in today’s release