New Grid/Table: Allow operations on ALL selected entities

When multiple entities are selected in a Grid/Table view, any edit operation should be applied to all selected rows/entities.

E.g. If I have 20 entities selected and I change State => Done on one row, the same change should be applied to all selected rows/entities.

Currently, trying to do this results in the multi-selection being lost, and only the single row/entity becomes selected.

Could you please share, what tool you’ve seen had such a behavior and why copy-paste doesn’t work for you? :eyes:

Not sure about other tools.

One disadvantage of using Copy+Paste is that if you already have all your rows selected (before you Copy), then Copying a single cell de-selects all the other rows, so you have to reselect them all again before you can Paste.

And Copy+Paste in Grid view is still buggy – when I copy a State cell then select the State cells of multiple other Rows and Paste, those State cells immediately revert to their previous value. If I repeat the operation, it might stay. Or sometimes it gets “stuck”, looking like this until I refresh the view: