Grid view: copy pasting one cell into other cells not working with mixed databases using the same related database

In this gif example I copy one cell (ctrl-c) and paste (ctrl-v) in either one, two three or more empty cells with mixed database using the same related database (in this case a database called ‘Importance’. When the pasted value covers a range of rows that contain other database entities, even though the relation point to the same target database, the values flash shortly but are not pasted.
(the example below does not show it, but shows entities of type Personal Tasks and Team Tasks, both databases relating to the same database ‘Importance’.)

This is pretty important bug since it is the only workaround for the missing bulk editing feature in Fibery.

We’re working on improvements/fixes to Grid view, but it is still an experimental feature, so you may want to use Table view until Grid view is officially released.

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Testing it properly now, and this behavior appears with mixed databases in a grid view. I will adjust the title and description accordingly. So at least we narrowed down the issue a bit.

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