Seeing "Closed" Entities grayed out in Search Dialog

As my Fibery instance grows, and the number of entities also grow, it’s becoming harder to find things with the limited search functionality while we wait on better indexing of content, and filters in that dialog.

One thing that would really help short-term is adding the excellent “graying” you guys do of Entities with a “closed” type of State. It would be very helpful to see when in the Search Dialog simply closed entities as “gray.” Often I want to link live tasks to other places, like comments, etc., but I can’t see if they are open or closed via that dialog. If I could see the closed ones, I would more easily pass them by or not try to “guess” that they are the task I’m actually looking for, because as the number of entities grows, it becomes hard to always remember what is what, so you can mistakenly adding the wrong entities because of the higher chances of entities having similar names as your Fibery instance grows.

Hoping this might not be a huge challenge, and something others would have use of!

While this would also help, I think it’d be even more helpful to have this: Filter “closed” entities (by default?) in all searches
Then you wouldn’t even have to ignore them.

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Hey, yes absolutely we really need better filters in those dialogs!

I have now changed this to simply “show the grayed out done items as such” in the Search Dialog. I would really like to see this as it’s a tremendous help when glancing through lists of entities. We have it via Strikethrough when linking Entities, and of course the “gray” effect in various views. So I’d simply like to see as the entity list pulls up, which are in a state that’s considered “final,” and which aren’t.


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We have in mind both Sorting and Filtering Search, but not sure about ETA at all.
Noted the request :sparkling_heart:

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