[✔️DONE] Simple Addition to Entity Details View - "x" to close card

Hi, this is a very simple request, but I find myself constantly looking for an “x” to close out an entity I am viewing. Right now, I do this by navigating to another part of the screen away from the card and clicking anywhere. It would really help my flow if you guys could just add an “x” in the left corner somewhere, which is the natural place I think in most browser windows, to close the card.


Hi again Guys,

I wanted to also add a follow-on suggestion here: I am finding it a bit burdensome to move across the keyboard to find “esc” to close a window. Would you consider a keyboard shortcut, maybe one that isn’t popular in OS’es so you’d not have a conflict issue, to close the entity view? I find I have to pause my flow a lot to look down and find “esc” to close, as this is not a key that most tough typists can get to without looking at the keyboard!

Thanks as always!

@B_Sp I think you can just click outside popover area to close it. Will it do the trick?

@mdubakov, thanks for responding. Yes, that is what I am doing right now. I guess my point is that its sort of unnatural and I could see my team looking for the “x.” The only other app I know that doesn’t have an “x” is Notion, and that is also a point of awkwardness when I use Notion.

Not sure how hard this is to implement, but if it’s a quick fix I’d love to see it sooner or later.

Thanks again!

Thank you guys for this!!!

I find the one of the most annoying aspects of Notion, which also didn’t have the “x.” For me, this is such an intuitive way to navigate.

I was curious too - when you say “give up,” was there a reason you guys did not have this? Perhaps there’s some benefit I wasn’t aware.

Either way, this really frustrated me having to click “outside” a card to close it. So glad you got this done, will really help my daily flow in Fibery!!

Hey guys, actually there is something else I was wondering if you could address:

If I expand a card with “open as view” in the right corner with the arrow, I get this view:

The card is across the whole screen. However, when I click the “three dot” control, I can no longer reduce the size of the card back down.

Is this something that you could let me know how to solve?


This looks like a #bugs

btw @Polina_Zenevich I think this topic can be marked DONE :slight_smile:

Hey @helloitse agreed on both! The “x” is a great addition, been a major help to my navigating in Fibery!

And perhaps you are right, the issue I raised may be simply a bug…