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I am new here.

I am a Notion user but I am very curious about Fibery. I am interested in Project Management, Task Management and a number of other features in Fibery. I find that Notion is good, but is also a fair amount of manual work (no automations), no recurring tasks, a poor calendar experience and several other issues that don’t work with my use case.

I have read a bit about Fibery and watched some Youtube Videos on it but I still have some questions. I think it will do most of what I need but I need some clarity on a number of issues.

What platform/s does it work on? I use all Apple products. Is there a Mac OS App? If browser based, does it work on any particular browser/s?

Is there a Mobile App (for iOS)? If not, can it be used in the field without issue?

Can the system (Projects and Tasks) take attachments (such as photos)?

Does Fibery do recurring tasks?

Can I integrate items from Google Calendar into the system? I have software that sends my field work into Google Calendar via what is essentially a Zapier integration. Can I bring those into my Fibery system from Google Calendar?

Does Fibery sync with any of the more popular Contacts (CRM) based systems (like Apple Contacts or Google Contacts) etc.

I would appreciate any feedback that you can offer.

Thanks for your time.

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Hi there @Darb
Quick answers:

Fibery is entirely web-based. There are no native apps. It should work on any browser on any OS, but functionality/features are typically tested on the major players (Chrome/Safari/Firefox running on Windows/Apple).

No mobile app, but the mobile web experience is often good enough for most things. Some things will be sub-optimal.

Yes. You should enable the Files extension for any database where you need to add attachments.

Not really natively.
But depending on what you need, there are ways to get it working. Tell us more about what you would expect/like, and we can probably help.

There is no native calendar integration, but Fibery works with Zapier (and make), so if you have experience with that, it should be no problem for you to create/update data in Fibery from external sources.

Not really, but again, you can probably sync with Zapier.
To be honest, Fibery can do some pretty sophisticated CRM stuff, so I might suggest that you move your contacts into Fibery rather than syncing with an external source :slight_smile:

Feel free to give it a go, and ask for help if you get stuck.

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