'Page Unresponsive' issue often happening with the AI Assistant chatbot

This often happens after a few question answer exchanges in the same chat of the AI Assistant.
…to the point that I now don’t use it any more, especially with more complex questions.

Waiting never resolves the issue, and the page freezes and cannot be clicked anywhere; only closing the browser tab resoves it, but then the AI Assistant session is lost.

This happens in my own spaces, as well as in the Fibery User Guide AI Assistant

So I assume it is not a problem of my own space setup.
I have a strong Laptop so that’s not the issue.

However, it may be my internet connection fluctuations, but I like to verify with other users their experience with it.

Are developers aware of this issue?

The only way to save a chat when the AI Assitant window freezes, is to create a screenshot and to use an external app to convert the image to text. This is as far as the visible text on the screen. :sweat:

Will try to reproduce

Sorry, I can’t reproduce the issue.
Quite often some browser extensions are a root cause of such issues.
Can you try it please in incognito mode (which is equivalent of disabled extensions) and with different browsers?