Huge performance Problems

I’ve talked to the support about performance issues I have.
Pages take about 15-20 seconds to load information. Until all the information is loaded, no information can be changed, buttons cannot be clicked, and basically nothing works.
I just can’t use the app

I know that I open this during the weekend, but this cannot wait. I cannot work, and it takes me literally hours just to open all the entities I nees.

Please have someone help me with this. The app is literally unusable.

Hi Evyatar,

Sorry to hear you are having issues,

I’ve had a look at our Fibery instance and performance seems normal today.

Out of interest what browser / operating system are you using? Is the performance issue just related to Fibery, or are other websites slow?

On my Windows laptop, sometimes the Microsoft anti-malware stuff can go a bit bonkers (same is true of anti virus software), and it kills the performance of the machine. Again, if it’s a laptop, plugging often noticeably more performance.

On a Fibery specific point, does it help if you access the entities (things) using search, rather than finding them via views? That way Fibery isn’t having to load so much data.

Good luck!

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The problem happens on all the deviced I used.
Everything else works perfectly fine on all of the devices.
I talked to the support, and they suggested to turn off the “List view feature”. After the doing that, everything went back too normal.

It seems that the "List view has some big performance issue. I could literally see the page rendering when the feature was on.

Hope that it’s improved, as I really like this feature and find it very useful

Interesting. I have not encountered any noticeable performance issues with this yet. Can you describe more about at least one of your devices (OS, browser), and how much data (i.e. how many items in the lists) you have? Is performance still bad with an Entity with no Relations in its List?