About this category - Bugs & Issues

If you discover something anomalous when using Fibery, let us know about it here. Of course, please try to check first (via the user guide or the Get Help category) if what you’re seeing is actually the intended behaviour. Fibery is a complex tool, and it may behave differently to other software you have previously used. This alone does not count as a bug, but you’re welcome to discuss anything you think is not done as well as it could be, in another more appropriate category.

Before posting, please also do a quick check to see if someone else has reported anything similar. If so, add to that topic a note to explain that you too are experiencing the issue, so that the overall impact can be fairly judged.

If you decide to post a new issue, please provide as much relevant context as possible: what were you doing when it happened, what hardware/OS/browser you are using, how often/when does it occur (occasionally? all the time? only on the 13th of October?!)

There’s usually someone from Fibery keeping an eye on the community during weekdays, but once you’ve posted, there will probably be a short time while someone investigates before any response appears. There isn’t much point someone replying to say “Thanks for reporting, we’re looking into it” since that doesn’t add value.

Ideally you will get a response within a couple of days to either confirm that the bug/issue is reproducible or hopefully to let you know that it has been fixed (and ask you to check).

If the bug is fixed, feel free to mark the relevant post as a solution (if it’s not already done) but please don’t mark a reply that says “This is a known bug that will be fixed” as a solution, since this might give false hope to other community members who are browsing topics(!)

If the issue you are encountering is a real showstopper for you, reach out via the chat function in your workspace or on the Fibery site.

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