Add guidance to forum categories

Also, @moderators, would be good to have a little info on top of each category indicating (like a pinned snippet):

  1. Who reads the posts, or who we should mention if there’s no response
  2. Is there some kind of process (acknowledgement, etc.) for our posts or how do we see that they are read?

Especially for Bugs & Issues, Ideas & Features and Get Help it would be good to know what to do and what to expect.
For example, I’m not sure if using Intercom or this forum is better to get help, file issues or request new features. Or should I mention Anton, Chris or Polina in the different posts? Or, how much do the votes on FRQs matter, etc?

(And of course I believe that my own issues are the most important and need to be fixed first, hehe :innocent:, but most importantly is the feeling of being heard and knowing that the feedback has made its way somewhere into Fibery’s feature prioritising machinery)


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Would be really helpful. Had a chat with my team mate @Marloes about this subject this morning. For us it’s also not very clear what the policies are.

  • When can and can’t we expect answers from Fibery team
  • What’s the approach when we don’t have answer yet
  • What’s the response time

Hopefully, the user base of Fibery will grow a lot. After the new table release we will onboard our first pilot clients and after that monthly new clients.

Also want to share those policies with my clients.

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