About this category - Get Help

This is the category for requesting help with achieving something in Fibery. It can be help with something very Fibery-specific, e.g. how to configure an automation, or it can be something more general, e.g. advice and tips on setting up a workspace for a certain niche.

It’s always worth checking out the Fibery user guide before posting, since you might find the answer is already there. If not, hopefully, other community members might have some good ideas to help you on your way.

There is usually someone from Fibery keeping an eye on the community during weekday working hours, and if a request for help is not met with anything useful from the other community members, there is a good chance that a Fibery guru might step in to help.

You don’t need to @mention any specific person in the first instance, but if you are not seeing any helpful responses for a few days, you can bump a topic by replying to it.

If you get the help you need, feel free to mark the relevant post as a solution.

For any requests for help, it could transpire that you’re hoping to achieve something that isn’t currently possible in Fibery. If this happens, your topic might be converted into a topic in the ‘Ideas & Features’ category.

If you need more dedicated help, or if you don’t feel like sharing with the community, reach out via the chat function in your workspace or on the Fibery site. That’s also a good place to start if you would like a guided Fibery onboarding.