About this category - Ideas & Features

This is the category for any suggestions you might have for new things in Fibery. Before posting, please do check to see if your idea (or something similar) has already been suggested. If so, vote or comment on the original topic rather than creating a new topic.

If you’re not sure whether or not something is already possible, try checking out the Fibery user guide or asking in the Get Help category.

This category supports voting, so one of the main purposes is allowing other users to also express their enthusiasm for an idea. Note: the total number of votes you are allowed to cast, across all ideas, will depend upon your community ‘trust level’. See here for more details.

At Fibery, the internal process for prioritisation is quite complicated and takes into account a lot of sources of information. This means that the number of votes cast for an suggestion is a small (but important) factor affecting the likelihood of implementation. Please try not to get frustrated if an apparently popular idea remains unimplemented for a long time.

There is usually someone from Fibery loitering in the community during weekdays, but you won’t necessarily get a formal acknowledgement of your idea, nor any comment about whether it is likely to be implemented in a week, in a year, or never.

If you want to know what is being worked on in Fibery, please visit our roadmap.