Oct 12, 2023 / 🫂 Design improvements and bug fixes

Quality of life release with some small features. Sorry, hard times… We send you all virtual hugs :people_hugging:.

:point_right: Open context menu for search results with right click

We’ve added right click context menu to search results, this way you can copy the link and do some other actions without opening a card.

:nerd_face: GraphQL: Support of background execution of mutations to address issues with server timeouts

Now you have the option to execute long-running tasks in the background in Fibery GraphQL API. Large set of operations can be executed as background jobs. Check background job documentation.

To start background job use executeAsBackgroundJob

          {name: "Feature 1"}
          {name: "Feature 2"}

The identity of started job can be found in jobId

  "data": {
    "features": {
      "executeAsBackgroundJob": {
        "jobId": "6fc2d2b3-7b31-4511-b829-99a8cefb36b3",
        "actions": null

Use job query to monitor the status of the job and get the result of it’s execution.


:butterfly: Improvements

  • Design: We are making list items consistent across UI.
  • Automations: automatically use HTML mode of documents when Template is treated as HTML

:shrimp: Fixed Bugs

Grid View fixed bugs

  • Sort indicator disappears from merged column once you apply sorting on not merged column
  • Missing collapse/expand arrows when adding 2nd levels entities in setup
  • Show compact Actions button if relation grid is in collapsed mode
  • [Context grid] Value in next after Name column have disappeared when user hides Name
  • No way to access ‘open entity’ button when 1st pinned column is too long and panel on the right is opened
  • Wrong columns list ( for one database only) in specific case
  • Empty context menu in Grid
  • Can’t add new entity into relation grid in specific relations case
  • Don’t show empty column for context selector if any other columns except Name are added to the grid

Other fixes:

  • Notification for mentioned user is not sent on comment resolve
  • Jira integration: values from Users-type custom field are not synced
  • Missing notification to document owner if comment added to text in code block
  • Timeline crashes with Cannot read properties of null (reading ‘title’)
  • Arrow for disabled ‘Convert to’ option does not look like disabled
  • Two lines in context menu when all actions from section are hidden for user
  • PublicId is required error when user opens context menu for new entity while it does not have publicId yet

I like the new context menu for search, cool idea to search for similar things to a topic you found in search, since it aligns well with how I use search.

Probably not related, but I would love some polishing for Windows users, so we can more easily copy content from Fibery to other systems, without losing line breaks and markdown. Checkboxes is the biggest issue.

Full details:


I think I miss one :sweat_smile:

Just found out that you improved the way to open an entity in grid view.


It’s a small change but I’m really happy with it :grin: Since it was hard to explain to new users how to open an entity.

@Marloes FYI


Thanks! Fifth Fibery Thursday in a row! Haha will keep on counting now :wink: - though I admire the consistency, in no way it is demanded (to be big or at all) so take care during the hard times :people_hugging: