CHANGELOG: July 21, 2022 / Hide fields in entity view, GraphQL API, Slack Actions


Here is the video that demonstrates all new features.

:see_no_evil: Hide Fields from Entity View

Now you can hide Fields from Entity View. It can be useful to archive some fields and preserve the data, or to remove some technical fields that you need for formulas and automations, but don’t really use. There are two ways to do it (if you an Admin or Creator):

  1. Click near any field and select Hide option.
  2. Click Fields icon on the top right and Hide/Show some fields.


NOTE: Hidden fields will be invisible in Entity View for all users.

:heart_eyes: GraphQL API v.1.0

We have released Fibery GraphQL API today. Our original API is powerful, but quite complex. GraphQL is powerful and simple. There is great tooling around GraphQL already, with auto-completion and other stuff, so you can integrate Fibery with your systems much faster.

You may find it in your account via this link: or click ? in the bottom right corner and then click GraphQL API. Read API docs and do something cool.


:studio_microphone: Slack Actions

Now you can send messages to Slack channels and create new Channels from Fibery. Here are new Actions:

  • Send Message to Channel.
  • Create Channel
  • Invite Users. Invite users to a specific Slack channel.
  • Send Message to User. Sends a direct Slack message to a selected user (by email)

Here is one example: Send a notification about new workspace registration.

We send a notification about every created lead into #leads-new channel. Here is how the action looks.

Note how you can use fields in a template. Here we have Country database linked to a Workspace, and we use {{Country.Name}} to insert a name of the country into the message:

{{Country.Name}} {{Email}} from {{Company Name}} created *<{{Public Id}}|{{Name}}>* via template {{Contact Job.Name}}

Check more Slack Actions cases.

:first_quarter_moon: Light theme, but with the dark menu

Last week we’ve released light and dark themes, but many people were not happy, they missed the light theme, but with the dark menu. Now you can enable Dark menu option in Theme selector. Enjoy!

:chart_with_upwards_trend: Reports Improvements

Reports with thousands of data records work not so fast. In this release you can make them faster. When report is ready, click … and select Remove Redundant Fields option. It will remove all unused fields from the datasource and update will be 5-10x faster on heavy reports.

We also improved Database selector, now it looks much more familiar.

:shrimp: 15 Fixed Bugs

  • Relations don’t get restored if delete Integration DB and then install it again
  • Email integration: ‘Unknown mailbox’ error when importing data from [Gmail] folder
  • Empty screen when returning back to the tab with heavy board
  • Reports: Popup with endless loading when duplicate any report
  • Reports: Default context filter is set for all context reports in the imported Space
  • UI allow to edit name of user type. Should be disabled for all “fibery” types
  • Dark theme: Hard to see the text of the Convert To warning modal in the new Dark theme
  • ‘Duplicate to my space’ stops working for reports
  • Rich text: ‘Link to header’ icon is missed in Feed view
  • Rich text: Documents wide mode doesn’t work
  • Rich text: Missing cursor and bad look when user selects header from / menu in Chrome
  • Rich text: Links to header do not work for duplicated documents
  • Rich text: Scroll to header doesn’t work if header consists of more than 45 chars
  • Rich text: Link does not lead to header in case it’s placed within another collapsed header
  • Rich text: Option(alt)-up/down in a bulleted list drops the bullets? odd (should make it move lines up/down to reorder with keyboard)

Thanks a lot!

Question about hiding fields:
Is there any possibility to automate hiding fields depending on the value of a certain field?

I give an example:
Let’s assume I have a dataset of documents. There are different categories of documents, indicated by a single-select field “Document type”. Depending on the document type, I might want to see different fields, and even different rearrangements of the fields.

I continue with a suggestion:
Let’s assume you could rearrange and resize fields within entity views. I know this has been requested somewhere, not sure about the plans to implement.

You could have any view you want, always just for this entity. However, if you could also save the “entity view” now, give the “entity view” a name, you could:

  • Simply select the desired, pre configured, entity view from the list of saved entity views (within an entity)
  • Automate entity views via automations by desired criteria.

If entity field “document type” updated
then entity view (for step 1 document) = A, if “document type” = X
= B, if “document type” = Y
else, do nothing

Something along these lines? Hope it’s understandable. Not sure if this has been suggested like this before.


I would find this feature useful too. Even something like ‘hide if empty’ would be great.

The slack messaging is so useful too. Are there plans to include messaging/creating private channels or DM groups?


Yes, but it affects permissions access, we are not sure many people will be willing to give Fibery access to private channels. But if we will get enough requests, we will do it. So far we have 2


Love the new updates thanks team!

Wondering if there could be a toggle to view hidden fields for admins only? As an admin I don’t want the fields to be hidden as I use them but I do for normal users to keep things tidy.

Keep up the great work.

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Understood, thanks! :crossed_fingers:for more requests

Love the updates and love the new dark theme.

However when using Bar chart and wanting to have the count as label it’s black on black which gets quite unreadable

Would be nice to have that in white when choosing a dark theme.

Must say that I love the graphQL API!
Good job

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Thank you for report, we will fix it really soon.

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Thanks for the updates! Really looking good.
I’m not trying the new slack notifications and from the beginning I noticed a few small things I think I’m missing:

  1. We already we using slack notifications through old notification system and selecting recipients was really streamlined if you have same recipients every time - I just quickly typed the name and it completed with autoselect from users, email was taken from there. Now when I tried to recreate it - I needed to actually go elsewhere and copy Slack username/email for it to work. Not ideal, though from examples I udnerstand that it opens up a lot of space for automations and selecting dynamic users which is cool.
  2. Missing the link to entity from which notification was created. I recieved a notification in slack and could just click it to get to the thing if I need to take some action. It always happened by default with old system, but now i’m not even sure I know exactly how to do it and I probably will need to adapt the link for each entity I create notification for? May be a checkbox “Include link to entity” or something like that could solve the problem?

Really looking forward for slack integration evolution! I will be a happy man when I will be create or update something directly from slack via actions or even slack workflows.

BTW Private channel notifications would be cool, but not the end of the world really. As mostly I would send private data to 1-3 people in those channels. The whole channel notifications are greate, beacuse Fibery DM got really crowded and we started to miss some of the notifications that are crumbled together.

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Hi, @Anton_Oparienko

Thanks for feedback. We will think on how to improve mentioned problems.


Awesome, thank you!
From that moment I actually found another thing that can be improved:
New slack notifications compared to notify users action is missing the checkboxes, especially the checkbox “Do not notify if there are no entities to be processed”. As a result I set up automation to send notifications each day regarding the entities or events that need some actions, but I’m recieving message in slack with empty data in case where no entity mached set up filters, which is far from ideal.