[DONE] Edit/Interact with Fields from a Collections view in an Entity


I really miss the checklist part of Trello (cf. picture bellow).
In Fibery, it is possible to display approximately the same thing but you have to create a subtask (entity) then open it and modify the content. It’s really cumbersome.
It would be so easier to be able to interact with the displayed field directly from this view.

Trello - cheklist


So in Fibery terms you want to be able to Edit/Interact with Fields from a Collections view in an Entity, correct?


Correct! I changed the title.
Thanks a lot for the translation. I’m still learning Fiberyan :wink:

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I would also highly encourage this, not only checklists, but the ability to resize and move the different fields within entity view.

Currently, only rich text fields, comments, files, and relations are big on the left side and there is a list of all other fields on the right. Being able to rearrange and resize them at will would make it so much more UI friendly in my opinion.

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It will be possible with future blocks release. You will be able to add a Table View with Sub-Tasks inside a Task View and edit it right here.


@Eren_Turgut Is your query more closely related to this?:

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Yes, that’s more like it (I see I already have my vote there), thanks a lot!

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Glad to say that

  1. Now you can filter & sort any relation field (it’s a list now!)
  2. All units are editable across all the View :slight_smile: