CHANGELOG: September 8, 2022 / Relation Lists, reorder Databases in Space settings

Relation Lists

This feature has been experimental for a while (CHANGELOG: August 18, 2022 / Experimental: Relation Views and Buttons on Entity View, Promo codes - #2), and now it’s enabled for everyone by default.

When you open an Entity, to-many relations are now visualized as proper Views with levels, units, filters, sorting, and color-coding. Our goal is to make Entity View a better dashboard for DBs like Project or Epic.

So far it’s only a single List View with other kinds of Views coming next. By the way, which ones (Table/Board/etc.) should come first? Please share your use cases with us.

Since the functionality’s first experimental release, we have improved a few things based on your (and our team’s) feedback:

  • link Entities using our usual full-text search instead of the naïve lookup,
  • always show newly created or linked Entities in the List,
  • prevent Lists from duplicating randomly.

We won’t stop here, obviously — please let us know what we should improve on next.

Reorder Databases in Space settings


Creators are now free to rearrange the DBs via drag’n’drop to fit their mental model. The order is the same for all Creators in a Space, and integrated DBs can be reordered within their source only.

You’ve asked us 13 times and we delivered. Not all features have to be visionary :sweat_smile:

:butterfly: Improvements

  • Integration Databases can now feature Workflow Fields: for example, when you sync a DB from Notion, their Status becomes our Workflow.
  • When you try to create a Rule based on Formula Field changes and pick the “Entity Created” trigger as well, we suggest removing it.

:shrimp: 13 Fixed Bugs

  • User is not getting redirected to the account once workspace import is finished
  • Hubspot: fix for same-named fields
  • Bad record in history when Assignments were deleted and then recovered
  • Paddings for select options are too large
  • Error messages do not get handled on changes from pinned fields
  • Fix alignment in the tooltip for relations with long titles
  • The tooltip is overlapped by a dropdown when hovering over any State
  • Erasing a single character in a multi-line checkbox erases the whole checkbox content
  • UI issue for selected period in the date picker
  • External actions: required fields validation should be added for actions
  • ‘Show empty values’ option doesn’t work in the hierarchical list
  • Rich-text Field stops working after rename
  • Unable to restore a Field

Yay! Very excited for the improved relation views! I vote for board next. I have a lot of entities that contain sets of associated tasks, but right now we aren’t actually using the tasks much because it’s a pain to navigate through all the different views and see what state the tasks are in. If there could be a kanban board embedded directly into the entity view, I could imagine that making our tasks system actually be usable.

Yes, this is in plans, all views will be available here in future


Great update! I’m finding the list view very useful for our template work. We create guitar courses following a standard layout. Courses contain units which contain lessons. It’s great to be able to see these as an overview from one dashboard, along with all the tasks and other information required.

I’d also like a board as a view, from a management perspective that would be useful to see an ‘agent’ and their leads in a board showing the status of each one at a glance.

I really appreciate the little quality of life improvements like being able to reorder the databases too - thank you!

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