Multiple "People" Fields

I saw that there’s the Assignments extension

But I’d like to have 2 assignment “fields” instead of 1.

Use case:

One person is assigned Graphic Design (Graphic Design field)
Another person is assigned Writing (Writing field)

Is there a way to do this? :slight_smile:

It is possible to create as many relationships to the User type as you want, each with is own name (and meaning).
Unfortunately, a basic user relationship doesn’t have the same functionality as the Assignment extension (e.g. notification, permissions etc).

You can read some related discussions here

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Also, there’s an extended disussion about users and their functionality here

In general this is our design mistake, we should add Person field instead of Assignments extension (and I hope we’ll do it in the future). So far @Chr1sG suggested the only workaround with relations to User Type.

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