RACI based assignments

Using assignment extension one can add assignment field to the Type.
That field allows to assign multiple persons. That is good.

However I want to create RACI based assignments. See RACI here: https://www.forbes.com/advisor/business/raci-chart/


Type: Project deliverable

  • Accountable: person A. person B. person C
  • Responsible: person R
  • Consulted: person C, person D, person E
  • Informed: group of people GA, group of people GB

How to do that?

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You can create any number of fields which are relations to the User type, or to a group type. So you can create a field for each of the RACI elements.
With automations, you can determine how/when these users/groups should be notified when the deliverable changes.

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Thanks, it means I would not use Assignment extension for that at all, correct?
Just a direct relationship towards Users.

You could do, yes.

The Assignments extension is basically a many-to-many relation to the User type, but on steroids.
It has the extra benefits of providing automatic notifications when a user is assigned, or if a comment is added to an entity. So you might choose to use Assignments in place of one of the RACI elements.

However, it has the disadvantage of not being able to be renamed :frowning:
Also you could manually add appropriate notifications for other user relations using automation rules if necessary (but just not for comments unfortunately).

Hope that is useful and not too confusing!

Hope that is useful and not too confusing!

Thanks. Quite the contrary. You already explained my other nonspoken questions :slight_smile:

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