Limit # of assignees

I often want to ensure that an entity is assigned to one (and only one) person (e.g. a training record). Can we have the ability to constrain relationships (including min & max number of links)?
Also, limiting links based on filters would be great e.g. so I can’t assign a Task entity to a User unless the User is a member of the category ‘engineer’.


This could be incredibly helpful for creating clean data hirearchies.

For what it’s worth, I realised after writing, that one can link Users either with the Assignment extension or just by using a normal entity Relationship. If limiting to max one user is desirable, the latter method (defining as many-to-one or one-to-one) is useful. The Assignment extension seems to be fixed as ‘many-to-many’.
I think there’s still lots of value in being able to set constraints on relationships (min/max count or based on filters).

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I didn’t know we could do that! :exploding_head:

@Polina_Zenevich can we consider this an official solution? If so, we can mark this closed :wink:

@helloitse It’s worth noting that the Assignee field support auto notifications, whereas a simple relationship field to a User entity does not. I guess you need to decide what matters more: limiting to one user vs the user(s) getting notified when they are linked (assigned) to an entity…

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Chris is right in another answer :slight_smile:
Relation, I suppose, is a workaround only, as notifications are missed at all.
We have a solution in our minds, but not sure about development terms :unicorn: