Assignee option: Single or multiple

I feel like this has been around somewhere, but I cannot find it, so here goes again:

  1. Would be great to be able to choose if an Assignment field can have one or more assignees.
  2. I should be able to add multiple Assignment fields.

I am aware, that I can use the relationship to the Fibery/User database, but in that case I cannot use Assigned to me as a filter.
And yes, that means if I have multiple Assignment fields, I will need to be able to give them names and all the “assigned to me” stuff will be a little more complex.

I guess this is related to the built-in special types:

  1. Database vs. select debate: Global single and multi-select field options
  2. The question if the Fibery/users should be like any other database, as it currently behaves differently.
  3. The question if one can have multiple workflows.


For some context: I was trying to make a 1x1 space, where I can use the Feed to show a sequence of the last 1x1s for everyone. Some notes…


  1. A space with 1x1 database with one entry having
    1. Date
    2. Notes (rich text)
    3. Staff
    4. Manager
    5. Frequency (to schedule the next one)
    6. Assignees (to give access)
  2. A database of people with a relationship to the manager
  3. An automation that schedules the next 1x1 on the day of the current 1x1 (using the frequency field)
  4. An automation to set the 1x1 template into the notes when creating an entity
  5. A smart folder for all staff
  6. A feed in each staff that shows the 1x1s they are involved in in reverse chronological order


  1. Ideally, I want one Assignee for the staff and one Assignee for the manager. Using the relation doesn’t give access and does not allow me to filter for assigned to me for everybody (only let’s me pick a specific person)
  2. Setting multiple Assignees by formula based on Staff and Manager does not work right now, as I cannot create a list, as far as I know. So right now I need to duplicate the assignees.
  3. Date functions like + Months(1) require a deconstruction of the date. More importantly, the ability to say “last THU every month” or similar would be powerful
  4. Creating a smart folder of just 1x1 feeds does not work, I need to make a Smart Folder of staff and then in there I can have a feed for the 1x1s. This is because the filters do not allow for formulae…
  5. Smart folders do not allow additional personal filters
  6. Synching with my Google Calendar would be sweet (yes, another major FRQ)

Overall, yes, I can build what I need for myself, but every manager in my team needs to make their own views in their own space—at least if they want to customise.