Migrate user field to assignee field


We have a bunch of entities that are associated with a user.

I would like to migrate the user field to an assignees field.

The “Run now” function of automations is ideal for this type of manual migration work. However, it looks like assignee’s and user do not mapping nicely to each other.

I am wondering do I need to but the single user into an array, and set that against the assignee’s? I’ve had a dig around the formula documentation, but couldn’t find a way to do this.

Yeah, you’re on the right track. User field is a many-to-one relation, but Assignees are many-to-many, so you need the formula to return a collection.

I think the best way to do it is using a query formula. Something like this should work:

Users.filter([Public Id]=[Step 1 Time log].User.[Public Id])

It returns a collection of Users, limited to only those whose ID matches the ID of the User for this Time log. Which will be a collection of 1 user :slight_smile:

I did note however that you had a filter for only those logs for a specific user.

If that was you’re intent, you could just use Add Assignees with a Named user (or Assign to me, if that’s appropriate)

Hi Chris,

That is helpful thank-you

Re: assigned to me - yes this was on purpose, I am the test case :wink:

Re: the above - what I have discovered, is my automation actually does work with no changes. However, the automation must take a while to run, as I’ve come back to Fibery and I have A LOT of notifications.

(It would be very nice to be able to mute those notifications, otherwise, the users will get hundreds of notifications.)

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to disable notifications for when a user is assigned.
We have plans to improve the notifications subsystem, but for the time being, there’s no easy fix, sorry.

No problem, it’s straight forward enough to use a relation field instead.