Field Type Question, Assignees

In Fibery it is possible to add 1 “Assignees” field per entity type.

I couldn’t find any documentation about this field, what it is for, why it exists and if it has any super powers.

My observations are as follows:

  • It can contain lots of items
  • It cannot be renamed
  • It only exists on the right hand pane
  • It can only exist once
  • It is tied directly to Fibery users

The only documentation I can find on it, is the tool tip:


Do people have any thoughts about using it vs a relation field?


Compared with a standard relation field…

  • Assignee provides native triggering of notifications (so you don’t need a rule).
  • A User with ‘Contributor’ permission level has read/write access to an entity when assigned, but read-only otherwise.

Ah that is quite interesting from a permissions point of view.

Re: notifications, interesting as well, I wasn’t aware of that.

I’ll have to do some experiments and see how it all hangs together.

Thanks, Lau