Virtual or Dummy User

Sometimes some freelancers are taking care of the work outside the Fibery domain. And we would not want them to join the domain because the work can be very short term and due to some privacy reasons as well. Also, leaving the assignee empty is also not favorable. It would also help in better reports and visualization as well. So, the ability to assign a virtual user to entities would be very helpful. Thanks.

Seems to share some of the issues in the ‘same as’ discussion:

It would certainly be nice to have People who can be linked to other entities (assignee etc.) but aren’t fibery users and don’t add to the billing count

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Yes, I definitely like “guest” users that are available in some of the other Productivity Tool leaders in the Space like Wrike or ClickUp. Hopefully we’ll get that down the road as permissions are built out!

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I can suggest you two solutions and hope, one of it will be helpful ^^

  1. You can create a type, called Employee. And set there all the guys, you have outside Fibery (name, contacts and etc.). Then, set a relation between Employee and Type you need (let it be a Task). And call this relation “outsource” or “freelance”.
    And then fill info there once you need.

  2. Need some development from our side. In the nearest future (4-6 months, maybe earlier) we will add Free Read-only users. They will not be able to collaborate, but will be able to check and see everything you want them to see in the Fibery workspace and will be able to be assigned.

Thanks for the request!


Hi Polina,

Eagerly waiting for the second solution to be implemented. However, the first solution is also good for now.

Thank you for the response.

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