In Board view, name of row is unnecessarily truncated to fit within first column

I’ve making good use of Board views (for Kanban in a PM app), and I’ve encountered only one frustration so far: when I split a board into swim lanes (rows), the name of each row is truncated so that it fits within the first column of the board: but that wastes all the horizontal space to the right of that column: could you remove that constraint, so that the name of the row can stretch right across all the columns? That would make it so much more useful because then I could clearly distinguish between rows (currently I’m limited to the first couple of words before the truncation). Thanks!

Can you attach a screenshot so we can understand the problem better?

ok this is embarrasing: in trying to make a screenshot I realised that I was mistaken: the row titles do extend across the screen when they’re longer. I think I had mistaken the ellipsis at the end as a continuation mark. False alarm: sorry!

No worries :slight_smile: