Fields on rows should be displayed aligned with the row name


It’s nice to be able to add fields to rows, but I don’t really use it because each time I try, I find it really clutters the board, it makes it much more harder to grasp
=> it would be great if fields could be simply displayed next to the row name isntead of below it :

Thank you,

Hey, I think you are also talking about what I am referring to here:

Could you have a look at that and potentially respond and give some support?

I think we’re on the same page here…


I have my concerns for doing this.

Moving it to a line that is already populated means you have less space to display the properties you want, and even more so when you have more columns overall.

@B_Sp : yes having this information in a new dedicated column on the left could also be a nice option to unclutter the view when using this feature. I like both options.

@Haslien : I don’t think this is a problem to put it on the same line, as the “less space” we have is only the name of the row, which almost all the time won’t be very long, so the delta with the current display is like 15-25% in terms of width available

This is not the case for me, and it wouldn’t surprise me if it’s not for others either.

OK I understand, it’s just in the 50+ boards I’ve made so far I’ve never had really long row names so I I’m probably biaised
=> maybe the “new column” solution is better then !
=> or maybe the row fields could just continue below the row name if they reach the end of the line / end of the screen, but this wouldn’t be comfortable in your case I guess, as it would really complicate information reading

Hi, there!
Telling the truth your suggestion is very reasonable and in fact, that was the way we wanted to do initially. But we faced some layout issues, that are still not solved.

Hope someday we will be able to solve it and make that UI part look better :slight_smile: