Make columns in Board View visually separated from each other (just like rows are)

Our teams often get frustrated when using board views because there’s no visual indication where one column starts or ends. It’s all just a plain single colour background as far as the eye can see…

A small line (similar to how the rows are visually separated) that could help visually separate them from each other would make a huge difference in usability.




As we are talking about Board View improvements, my challenge is that my board can be rather sparse when looking at the rows. It’s often because there is some column somewhere outside the view that has a ton of content…

I’d love if the board had more of a “fisheye-feel”, where stuff outside the view doesn’t affect the view as much…


I’m not sure if this is somewhat related to your comment, but the fact that an entire column’s worth of width gets taken up for a “new column” button that should ultimately just be a little “+” symbol is infuriating.

And I wish column/row’s could be customized in size just like the cards are!

Some fields I want to stack and some I want side by side. I end up doing some weird workarounds with formulas to try and do this but it’s super ugly and the formulas slow everything down.


Ah yes, that too! :slight_smile:

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