Option to show full name of each column in board

Long-standing niggle, but when I’m viewing a Board it’s frustrating not to be able to read the full name of each column (not even via a mouseover): is there a way, or if not, could you add the option to show the FULL name of each column entity? Ideally as a suitably wrapped multi-line text field (so that extra-long names don’t fill the browser’s visible width). (Also: it would be nice if the mouseover at least showed the full name (with the “open” option) rather than just the “open” option).

Adding this CSS will fix it, but only in your own browser:

.m77vil8.AxisHeader>.r1u0e8rz {
    white-space: normal;


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Thanks! I take it I’d have to add the CSS via the browser’s developer tools? (ie. not via the fibery app itself). Is there an easy way to do that?

You would use what’s known as a “User CSS” browser extension.
There are many, but here is a simple one for Chrome: User CSS Chrome Extension

Other browsers have equivalent plugins.

Using a browser extension will re-apply your tweaks automatically whenever you load a Fibery page. If you use the browser’s Dev Tools, any changes you make will be lost after a page reload or navigation.

Got it: thanks!

Chris/devs: any chance this might be implemented directly in the app? It is a bit tragic not being able to read the whole column name: I rarely use Boards as a result, which is quite limiting as they’re otherwise really useful… (Specifically in my app’s context: I love the ability to drag tasks between epics, but I’m stymied by how hard it is to figure out which epics correspond to which columns (due to the column name truncation). And I don’t want to force myself to use 2-3 word epic names because I can’t squeeze enough information in to make the names meaningful in that case.)

I will check to see if there is anything in the backlog, but in the meantime, I am wondering if the issue can be (temporarily) resolved by displaying specific fields for the columns.
If the columns are not immediately distinguishable based on the first few letters/words, perhaps you could enable visibility for fields that would make them uniquely identifiable.
Foe example, if the epic name is actually a formula like, “Epic started on [Start date]” and all you are seeing is “Epic started …” then enabling the start date field might be useful.
Just a thought…

Thanks: yes, I thought about that but I have a LOT of epics, and they all have names such as “add that thing to the other thing so that the first thing can do this new thing” which are basically impossible to shorten!