How to surface tasks

Hi community

With tasks/project lists getting increasingly big and long for everyone, what is your method to surface tasks in fibery? Priorities? Dates? Automations? Custom views?

I suppose a combination of all of the above, and more (fibery does allow for that!), but I am interested in seeing actual best practices and use-cases (I am looking for inspiration :slight_smile: )

Showcase your experience!

Once I get around to really needing it, mine will be a table view of Tasks:

  • Filtered by “Assigned to Me” and “Not Completed”
  • Sorted by “Attention Score”, which is a numeric score that takes into account fields like:
    • “Critical” flag
    • “Status” (e.g. “HOLD”, “BLOCKED”, etc.)
    • “Days until due” (negative for Days past due)
    • “Priority”
  • Color-coded by “Attention Score”

Another approach would be a customized doc with embedded views for various customized groups/categories of tasks.

I am more interested in systems to surface what I should tackle next (out of the many todos I have).
Someone thing like your “attention score” seems very interesting. Do you have a formula for that to share?

No, it is just an idea. But it would be specific to the Task fields, a Formula field something like this:

If( [State].Final=True or [State].Name="HOLD" or [State].Name="DORMANT", -1000,
  If( [Blocked],                    -60, 0 ) +
  If( [Priority].Name = "Critical", 100,
  If( [Priority].Name = "High",      40,
  If( [Priority].Name = "Medium",    20,
                                     10 )))
- [Days Until Due]*2

There is room for a lot more nuance, of course.