Total Effort in a Project by summing Tasks


I am new to Fibery. Been playing around in a new Space and working on setting up my space. I have downloaded and been using/altering (to some degree) the Project Management Template.

I have created a field for tasks with a Start Date/Time and Stop Date/Time (usually the time will end on the same day). I have called this field “Task Duration”.

I would like to gather the “Task Duration” of all Tasks under a Project and show a total “Effort” but I am not totally sure how to do this. I think (by the look of formulas) it can be done, but I am not totally sure how to proceed? There are some formulas in the formula section but this sort of thing isn’t my strong point. I am also not sure if I am going about this the correct way.

Can anyone help?


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Hi @Darb
I think there’s two parts to figuring this out.

Durations are calculated by subtracting dates (or datetimes).
If you have a date range field (with start and end values), then you would use something like this:
If they’re separate fields, it will be something like this:
ToDays([End Date]-[Start Date])

and then to calculate the total for the entire Project, you would use something like this:

Combining, it would look like this:
Tasks.Sum(ToDays([End Date]-[Start Date]))

If you don’t want the value in days, you can use ToHours or ToMinutes or…

There’s a bit of help with these sorts of things in the User Guide

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Ok thanks for that Chr1sG. I will give that a go and see what happens. I would be mainly interested in minutes/hours as I rarely have a task span more than a 24hr period (most are only short to moderate in length).

Thanks again.