Completed Task (in Projects) - Format

I noticed that default behavior for a completed task in projects (state = complete) is to gray-out that task in the project task list.

This works fine, but is there any way to extemd tha same behavior to other states (e.g. cancelled, on-hold), other than thru automation?

I tried creating an automation for tasks, but I couldn’t find any text field formatting options, it lloks I need js to complete the action.

Before I do a deep dive on the API (although I’m impressed with the doc) , is there any sample code to do this - seems like it would be a common request…


Unfortunately, you cannot alter styles using API. However you can mark your “done” states as Final. This is a flag on State Entity which hints UI to grey out its Parent Entity in many places. Just navigate to State Entity using alt+click, expand fields column and tick Final checkbox .

Screen Recording 2023-07-08 at 10.30.55

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That’s exactly what I was looking for! I just never thought to hover over the value.

There are so many hidden goodies in Fibery!!!

Thx so much!

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