How to create an associated field when creating a related entity?

Hi everybody.

I tried to find how to do that in the documentation and the community Q&A but I do not know what terms to use in the query.

I have a list of different products (it’s a type) I want to link to the type Opportunity in the sales process. I would like to associate them with different information. The following table illustrates that :

| Product | Number of items | Unit price | Total
| P1 | 4 | 100 | 400
| P3 | 2 | 250 | 500
| P7 | 10 | 60 | 600
Total | 1 500

I can create a relation from Opportunity to Product. But how can I associate a field (number of items for instance) to each product in an Opportunity if I do not know how many Products there will be?

… hope it’s clear…

The only viable solution AFAIK is to create an intermediate type, like Opportunity - Pricing Detail - Product.

And for Pricing Detail you will have

  • Reference to Product
  • Number of Items field
  • Lookup to Unit Price field from Product (I assume)

The for Opportunity you can create many Pricing Detail items and select product for every, set number of items and calculate total price.

Coincidentally, yesterday I recorded a video that solves almost the same problem, here is it

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It’s amazing how responsive everybody is here! I love you guys!

Thanks @mdubakov. That will work.

Still… the possibility to create a certain field n times would be useful.
For instance, I would like to add an unknown number of check boxes in a Task type (like in Trello) and it seems it is not possible.

I can get around by adding a text field with check boxes but it is not the same.

Am I missing something? And if I am right, do you plan to add that feature in the future?

Thanks again

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Checkboxes are inside Rich Edit field in Fibery, so technically this is just text, not fields. Maybe when we will have Blocks inside entity Checkbox list will be just a block and it will solve the problem.

OK. Understood.

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