Setting up Lookup Fields (again sorry)

First let me say I’m new to Fibery, coming from a number of other platforms such as Airtable.

The problem I’m facing is I have 2 databases (let’s say Alpha and Beta) connected via a Relation.
I wanted Fields 1 & 2 from db Alpha to show up under Beta, but I don’t see them when I make a Lookup Field.

I was able to make this happen sporadically, with some fields showing up when I’m creating the Lookup and some fields aren’t an option, eg Created by is always an option.
The only way I was able to get the fields I want is if I had a One To Many relation. (I wanted a One to One).

  1. What determines if a field is available to choose as a Lookup or not?
  2. References (as well as references to relations) is always an option, but I couldn’t figure out what it does. Any ideas?
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Can you explain what you’re not able to do (which fields are not available in which circumstances).

In general, where an entity is linked to a single entity from another database (i.e. a ‘to-one’ field, on the right side) you will be able to lookup all of the linked item’s fields.
If an entity is linked to a collection of other entities (i.e. a ‘to-many’ field, on the left side) you won’t be able to directly lookup all its fields. You can typically lookup its relation fields, but for other fields, you would need to write a formula instead of a lookup, in order to specify the aggregation method, e.g. Tasks.Sum(Effort) or Meetings.Max(Date)

Thanks, Chr1sG.
I’ve been tinkering around and I think you’re right.
Though I know a Many to One wouldn’t work, I was expecting a One to Many to work.
Hence my confusion. I guess I need to tinker with it more.
But I am getting the results I need with a One to One, and that should work for me.