Relating entities by field text value

Hi folks,

I thought this would be straightforward but am a bit stuck -

I have a database in which the entries have a field with id #'s like this in “Database A”
“abc123”, “def456”, “ghi789”

When I import my data and set this field to multi-select, it ingests it happily and shows me the individual ID’s as multi-select options (or text)

My problem is I need to relate these to another database (“Database B”) where each entry has a single ID each, like so:

How can I set up an automatic relation in “Database A” so that a field populates with all matches from “Database B” ID field?
Do I need to enter as text and do regex string matching?

Thanks for any suggestions you may have!

It sounds like you want Fibery’s Import feature to populate a Many-to-Many relation (collection) field with another DB.

I don’t believe Fibery Import currently can do this, but a Button script could be written that you could run after an Import operation, that would look up the corresponding entities in the second DB and link them to the imported entities.