Relationnal data import tip

First, I have to say that after one week of using fibery I really love it.
My last work was to import invoice data from zoho books.
The challenge is that these are relational data : customers related to invoices related to invoice lines related to payments.
I tried using integromat but it is not easy for relational data and not really recommended for a one time data migration.
So I make use of traditional CSV import but with the help of 2 clever features (like there are a many in fibery) : auto linking and copy/paste in table view.
So I first imported the CSV data via from zoho books with the zoho ids (the import wizard is a joy to use).
Then I created the relation in fibery with the “auto linking” option that allow to use data columns (in my case zoho ids) for creating the links. You can think of it as a “formula” for relation but easier to create. So for example I created a relation from invoice to customer, with invoice.zohoCustomerId = customer.zohoCustomerId
Then I created a second relation to the same entity but in classic “manual” mode.
And thanks to a table view on invoices I was able to copy/paste all values from column “customer auto link” to the definitive “customer” column.
And finally, deleting this temporary column and zohoId fields.

I though it could be interesting to share this tip for anyone looking for importing relational data into fibery.


Great tip. Thanks for sharing :slight_smile: