Import States and Relations

I’d like to import large projects from other services like Coda & Airtable just to try out what the workflow would be here in Fibery. The biggest hangup for me is having to recreate data manually.

The last time I checked, I couldn’t import data from a csv into a state field or a relation. This is especially cumbersome, since my only alternative is to manually add them. That won’t scale.
If the copy & paste functionality is a higher priority, that would provide a reasonable workaround

Is this something already in consideration? Are there any known workarounds?

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Same need here.
I would have to import 10+ backlogs but I just need to be able to fill in the “related to” field during the import which is impossible right now, so that would mean filling the relations manually for hundreds of lines.
The big interest of Fibery is to make relations between entity easy so that feature would be great, but as helloitse said, a c/c feature in the table view, or a bulk edit feature, would already really compensate in many cases.

Unfortunately there are no good workarounds. We’ll think about it in nearest future, since this is a huge obstacle for trying Fibery in production for many people

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