What is the best way to create a 'relationship' entity type with a useful workflow?

I know that relationship properties are maybe on the todo list of Fibery (I hope) but still because of the need for this, I like to discuss it here with whomever has found a workaround for it. Likelyt you used a entity type (database) with endpoints A and B as fields? I tried this but the problem is the display of the endpoints in a table or list in such a way that one can view the relation title as well as the endpoint.
Would be nice if Fibery allows for custom field displays. Anyway, I’m curious if anyone found a working solution?

There are “hidden” values inside Single-Select entities. If you option-click the Single Select item, you can add fields within the multi-select, like a number.

Are you aware of the ability to use a formula for the Name field. So you could use a (pseudo) formula like this:

A.Name + " - " + [Relation type] + " - " + B.Name

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