Option to automatically create related entity for 1-to-1 relations

In the absence of having true Type Composition, it would be useful for some 1-to-1 relations if Fibery could automatically create and link the related entity.

For example, if my Customer Type has a 1-to-1 relation to my Person Type, when I create a new Customer entity, I might want Fibery to always create a Person entity for it, and relate them.

This could be an option available for every 1-to-1 relation field – “Automatically create related entity”.

You could imagine this as an extension of the existing “Automatically Link” feature of relations.

Of course this is a poor substitute for real Type Composition.

With real Type Composition we could compose (include) the Person Type into the Customer Type, which would inherit/include all Person fields, not merely link to them as a separate, independent entity.

Then we could create relations to Person" anywhere, that could include “Customer” entities, as well as entities of any other Types that include Person.

This scenario will be possible when with the first Automated Rules release. You will be able to create a rule like this:

When new Customer is created
Then create a new Person with the Name = Customer.Name
and set Person.Customer = Customer.