Create related entity when creating entity

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I wanted to know if there is a way to create a new related entity (including all its fields) when creating an entity. This is essentially for a CRM. I have a Lead db that includes a related Contact db and Location db. When I create a new Lead, I would like to immediately create a new Contact and Location (including their other fields) from within the same screen.

Right now, it appears you can only create the name field when creating a new related entity. It would be great if a separate pane would open to allow input of all the data. This is specifically important with the locations and contacts as ideally one would be inputting all the relevant data within one screen as opposed to jumping back and forth between db’s.

Another potential solution is to have a dedicated Contact and Location field type.

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It is quite easy to automate creating and linking a new entity, but if user input is required at all then it must be triggered from a Button.

Automation Rules (which are triggered automatically) can create and link entities, but they cannot prompt the user for input.

Here’s an example of a Rule that automatically creates a new “Content” entity and links it to a “Project” entity when the the Project “Type” is changed to “Brochure”:

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Hi, can you provide some more details?
How many fields you want to fill in every entity (Contact, Location), for example?
Maybe this can be solved right now via editable fields in a collection

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For example, with regards to Contacts, I would like to immediately input their name, email, and phone number at a minimum. With regards to Location, this database includes separate fields for street address, city, state, postal code, which all should be filled out. (i have them all as separate fields so that i can report against them later)

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