"Ask User" field can not create entities

All over the user interface its easy to create new entities in connected fields. Only in the “Ask User” field of automations there its not possible. But would be great if sometimes?

Not sure I understand.
What do you mean by ‘the “Ask User” field’ ?
Do you mean that you want to run an automation that creates/updates an entity, and includes asking the user to pick a value for a relation field, and the user should be allowed to create a new entity at this point?

So, for example, a button automation runs which involves setting the Objective field of a Project, with the user making a choice. As well as being able to choose an existing Objective, they should have the option to create a new one?

Did i get it?
Or what’s your specific example?

more or less yes

my specific example would be a button that creates a new log. this log contains a name field, a type field, a relation to a contact field.

this contact field is set to “ask user”. so on click of the button the modal come up and i can select the contact here. but if the contact does not exist, i have to exit the log creation, create the contact first and then create the log.

in all other relationship fields-situations (or by #-searching inside a document for example), if a entity/contact does not exist, it has the option to create that entity. in the modal of the automation this is the only place that i think, where this option does not exist