Automation actions can only create entities they are related to 🙁

An Automation Rule has some Actions to Create a new entity, but it can only create an entity of the Types/DB’s it is related to.

Use case: I want to create a Rule that triggers when a Client entity has its status change to ‘Inactive’, and the action will be to create a new Task entity and assign to the Client’s manager.

However, my Client DB is not related directly to the Task DB, so there is no option in the Client Rules Actions for “Create a new Task”. I am forced to do it in a script instead.

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As a general rule, it’s kinda assumed that if you want to create an entity (e.g Task) based off a trigger on an entity in some other database (e.g. Client) that these types of entity are in some way related (and would therefore have a relationship).
Of course, there are exceptions, but it’s interesting to hear the use cases before rolling out the ability for any automation to be able to create entities in every other possible database.

FYI I have experienced a similar issue when there is a connection between the dbs, but it is an auto-linked relation :confused: