Entities bulk-created by an automation get the same UUID (fibery/id)

I have an automation that’s commonly used for creating entities based on template entities.
For example:

  1. When a Project entity is linked to a ProjectTemplate entity,
  2. In the TaskTemplate database an automation notices this through a lookup field to the new Project.
  3. The automation then creates a new entity of database Task.

This can create a number of Tasks, but they all thave the same UUID.

Please test and confirm?

“fibery/id” can not be the same for entities in the same Database, it’s unique per Database.

Then how is it possible that the database shows the same id for multiple entities?

It seems you have your own “id” field which doesn’t have any restrictions. And it overshadows “fibery/id” (which is also available as “id”).

I don’t think that’s the case. Its happening in all databases. It has not to do with scripting, simply the automation itself.

I happens by using the ‘create entity’ action, but because the trigger applies to all entities of the lookup parent entity, this action happens as good as simultaneously to multiple, so that may be the reason the ids are duplicated.

Please open entity editor for those entities and check available fields and their values.

I checked the fields, and this happens without any special field other than a relationship and lookup field, and the automation that creates them. Nothing special about the fields. No custom id field.

I can show you that Fibery entity view confirms this issue:


Entities in the provided video have different ids.

No they have not, they have different publicId, but the same fibery/id (=UUID)

This is a critical issue that impacts the core functionality and integrity of data within Fibery.

but the same fibery/id (=UUID)

UI offers ability to click and copy uuid. Please copy them and compare, they are different.

Here are some fragments of screenshots from the gif you uploaded

The UUIDs are different

And here is a cropped part of the image you uploaded

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You are right.
I am terribly sorry to have bothered you by overlooking this! And thank you for helping me see it.