Easily group, sort & filter in views


I would love to have a more easy way to sort, filter and group in views on all kind of data

In this video I show you what was possible within ClickUp.

(I still have a paid demo account with dummy data; if somebody within Fibery wants to have a look in ClickUp please contact me)

In Fibery we have so much more possibilities and therefor so much more data/views in the workspace. But the problem is that it’s not easy to switch to see different information within a view.

It would be really helpful if the ‘main view’ is still on the left side, but that it’s possible to switch within that view to different views:

  • Boards / timelines / tables / list etc.
  • Filtered or sorted on data.

Like we also have in the reports :partying_face:.

So a few examples for the workspace I’m building for solopreneurs.

  • We have CRM views for leads, clients, active / non-active, clients per product, clients with coming birthday, clients with coming birthday + bought a product <1 year. / possible duplicated contacts etc.
  • Project management views per project but also active / inactive projects, only task that are urgent / high prio, tasks with deadline nearby or no deadline at all etc. / task for VA’s or solopreneur et.
  • Product development has all kind of views per products with urgent tasks, not so urgent tasks, ideas etc. We also have views per product, per department, views for urgent/high prio. But ideally you also want to switch within a product between high/low prio, assignee, deadlines etc.
  • Content hub views for each channel (Instagram, LinkedIn, blogs, YouTube etc.), published / unpublished, content that has / hasn’t been repurposed.
  • Knowledge hub views based on different kind of categories, sorts on type etc.
  • We have templates per product / process / etc.

So because of the situation above, we have a huge workspace that feels overwhelming because all views are within the left panel. Some don’t differ a lot (only active/inactive, for example). But in my opinion, all views are handy and will be necessary one day. But ideally you don’t want everything on the left side; sometimes you just want to sort easily and switch between ‘active / inactive’ for example.

Example of CRM

It would be really great if we can find a way to have fewer views on the left side but make sort/filter/group the information you see very easily.

  • Via grouping / sorting / filtering information in a table (like in Excel)
  • Via a horizontal view (like in reports) to easily switch.
  • Via an option on the screen, so you can easily filter on all kind of data (also like in reports)

I really love all the options in reports. Would be great if we can manage something like that in the normal views :partying_face::partying_face:

Same/similar to this?


Yes, but then with an addition.

  • It’s really helpful to have multiple views to be accessed via tabs or dropdown
  • But without the possibility to easily sort, filter or group within that view you will still have a lot of views (or a lot of clicks)

Less views = less overwhelm

So the best solution (in my opinion) is that the views itself are also more flexible. So you can easily switch to see the information you need, without building or changing a view.

  • Option to group information so you have it more easily accessible
  • Option to easily sort information (my customers (most customers?) really need/love a dummy proof solution like ClickUp has)

Sort in list view

Sort in tables

Sort in boards

Group by

Easily filter on assignees

And to collapse / expand would also be really helpful!