[DONE] Allow Multiple Date Fields on Calendars

I track conferences and my speaking sessions in Fibery (or i’m trying to)

I can create a calendar to show both, however i need to ensure the date field is configured the same on both - which doesn’t really make sense for these fields.

I’d like to be able to select multiple types and a date field for each, even when they differ slightly.

Also, the “Only showing month” rule for dates without a time seems wild - can this be changed too?

No time in dates: only month view will be available

I mean, why? :sweat_smile:

Confused by your database design intentions here. I’m picturing something like this:

And then you can create a Calendar view like this:

You might need to redesign things so that each event has its own entity.

I have a database for events and a database for sessions. Events have a Date field without time, as the events are either single or multi-day.

Sessions do have a time, because sessions are my speaking slots.

I want to view both of these on a single calendar.

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So in the Sessions DB, you have a Date field with time (lets call it Datetime)

As a workaround you can create a simple Date field that’s named the same in the Events and Sessions DBs (lets name it Date)

Then you create an automation (see below) in the Sessions DB where any time the Datetime is updated, you also update the simple Date field with that date. So basically, the field named Date in the Sessions DB would just be a helper field so you can see those dates in the Calendar view.

I should note that there might be some timezone issues with the Datetime → Date conversion. So you should test that Aug 9th @ 0:00 and Aug 9th @ 23:30 both convert to the Aug 9th date.

Fully support this feature request. “All Day Events” are a basic function of calendars in my view.

Similar idea and fully support:


Now you can set date fields more flexibly on Calendar and Timeline views.