[DONE] Calendar DateRange & DateTime Range

I have multiple entities and these entities each have either a DateTime Range or a DateRange.

If I want to display them all on a calendar view, I can’t do it because of the type mismatch.

I’d like to be able to see them all on a month view where the time part isn’t used.

Could we make this possible, please?


There are a couple of ways of doing this:

  • you can add a formula field for entities with DateTimeRange that just returns the date parts. then you can show them on the same calendar as entities that only have DateRange
  • vice versa: you can use a formula that adds times (maybe midnight to 23:59) for the entities with DateRange, so they can be shown with entities with DateTimeRange
    However, in both these cases, the entities will not be able to be moved on the calendar view (since the formula field is read-only and can’t be updated).

A more sophisticated solution can be done, using standard fields and automations, which would allow entities to be moved within a calendar view, but in order to make an appropriate suggestion on how, it’d be good to know how you think users will/should interact with these entities.
For example if a user changes the date of an entity on the calendar view, and this is an entity that uses DateTimeRange, what should the time values be?


This isn’t a solution, it’s a work around for something that should work out of the box.

Calendar view shouldn’t care if it’s a Date, DateTime, or range. It should display my items, much like Google Calendar can do for “All Day Events”


Yep, 100% correct. This feature request of yours is the same thing, right?

Yeah, though I’ve decided this one small part of it is actually a bug.

I can’t see why this distinction would be made.


Thank you for scheduling this


Now you can do it

Perfect :+1: