CHANGELOG: Sep 27 / Milestones on Timeline, Date Ranges in Formulas, Filter Linked Entities in Rules

Milestones on a Timeline

Add crucial dates as milestones to any Timeline View:

Releases, conferences, product launches — everything preceded by :fire::fire_engine: time is a good candidate to visualize as a milestone.

In a classic Fibery fashion, there are no hardcodes: pick any Type(s), any common Field, and use the usual filters to keep truly relevant events only.

Date Ranges in Formulas and Automations

Calculate date ranges (with or without time) in Formulas, Rules, and Buttons:

Date ranges are surprisingly tricky to handle as you can see from the bugs like these:

I mean, it’s ridiculous how much time we have spent arguing over the most consistent and predictable behavior :expressionless:. Here are the TLDR updates:

  1. New DateRange(startDate, endDate) and DateTimeRange(startDateTime, endDateTime) functions.
  2. [Date Range Field].End() syntax instead of [Date Range Field].End.

@Chr1sG has prepared a guide for the power users.

Filter linked Entities in Automations

When updating, deleting, or unliking linked Entities in Rules and Buttons, narrow the action down to relevant Entities:

“All or nothing” is not our approach here anymore :sweat_smile:

:sparkles: Small improvements

  • Notification on a broken Rule now contains a link to the Rule’s configuration page.
  • Activity log in Automations now includes links to affected Entities.
  • /me command is back to Slack.

:shrimp: Fixed bugs

  • :balloon: Timeline automatically horizontally scrolls to the left.
  • Timeline: moving start date one day moves the end date too.
  • Automations: a to-many relation Field is updated even if already has the correct value.
  • Automations: broken error messages in FF and Safari.
  • Whiteboard: text in edit mode is displayed diagonally.
  • Whiteboard: It’s impossible to draw a connection line from or to Sticky Note.
  • Live updates not working on externally shared Entities.
  • Documents: losing focus while mentioning a user using @ symbol.
  • Documents: avatars are displayed incorrectly in linked text.
  • Back-references in Audit Log deleted by a mysterious Fibery user.

hi there, just to confirm, if there are 2 milestone entities falling on the same date, only one of them can be seen in the timeline right? Although upon further checking, the other one is there, but just behind the other entitiy.

i wish i could see both entities when I hover over the milestone vertical line