Calendar view with multiple fields from same database

I have a database which the entities have three different date fields that I wanted to show on the same calendar view. But when I choose ITEMS it will only allow me to use each database once…

Is it possible to show more then one field from the same database/entity in the same calendar?

Nope. Not currently possible

Oh, :smiling_face_with_tear:

Is it in the development horizon anyhow?

It’s not planned, or in the backlog anywhere as far as I know.
What’s the use case for showing something twice in the same view?

I work with people management and we have different roles, so I created and entity for each role.

Every role has 3 performance review meeting dates.

So I wanted to see those 3 dates from every role on the calendar. It wouldn’t be showing twice.

Thanks for the use case clarification, and sorry for writing twice when it should have been thrice(!)

Hahaha yes, but I mean it’s not showing something twice or thrice because it’s not the same thing. Right?

Well, I just meant that you wanted to a role to be shown on the calendar on three different dates (if I understood you correctly)

I think a clean solution that works would be to generate actual meetings for the dates for each role and then place the meetings in the calendar. Also allows you to move them or repeat them next round. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Oh! That’s simple and quite interesting actually! <3

I’ll go for that for now, thanks!

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