[DONE] Why do date fields need to have the same name in a view?

As I understand it, fields (for example date fileds) fom separate databases need to have the same name to be agregated in a view? Is this realy nessesary. I find this cumbersome and a pain to be forced to this namingconvention, expessially when many people can manage this. Sometimes you whant to have diferent names to make better sense for different scenaris like: “Paned Dates” or “Publishing Dates” and so on. Whould it not be sufficent to check if dates have the same structure since there is not that many variations (Single Date, Start - Stop Date, Start-Stop date and Time)? Even better, give the choice to only use Start and Stop date regardless if time is included?

Hi, Jim!
This request and discussion definitely make sense! We already have that improvement in our backlog and here is our concept design
Would be glad to hear your feedback about it - does it look a bit better? Less confusing? Or no?

Unfortunately, we had to switch to some other improvements, so I sincerely hope once they would be finished, we will be back to the one you’ve requested :sparkles:


@Polina_Zenevich this looks amazing :star_struck: I assume this is for the timeline view! The ability to customize the bars to this degree will be so useful. Well done fibery team!

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Now you can setup dates flexibly on Calendar and Timeline views