More Flexible Date FIeld

I wnat to start and say that overall this is not a “real” issue. By that I mean that I can more or less have all the functionality needed in the current version. What I am about to request is more a matter of convenience.
Currently, when defining a date field, the user must choose if he wants to specify an end date, or time (or both or none). I must say that this is not very convenient. And even more importantly, it does not really represent how assigning dates can behave in the real world. The simplest example is scheduling a task. I may want to schedule it to a specific date, which means that it needs to be done during that day, but there isn’t any specific hout in which it must be done. Or I may want to schedule it to a specific hour in a specific day.
Currenly, the only workarounds for this problem are ti either:

  1. Have 2 fields in the same task for each scheduling option. This is not preferable since it means that one of the fields is always going to be empty, which is kind of a waste.
  2. Seperate the scheduling finctionality from the task, into two seperate types, each for each type of scheduling. This is not a real option as currently inheritance of relations is not possible, so defining each type requires to much work, and makes related types have a ton of relationships.

I think a quick fix for that is adding another option for the date field definition that defines the field as being assigned a date or a date + time.

I think that this is the kind of featue that allows for simplicity on top of the increadible functionality in the app.

Just so I understand, are you saying that you’d like it to behave similarly to the Outlook calendar, for example, where there is a checkbox to distinguish an all-day task from one where the time of day is important?

However, it is important to note that I do not think that it should replace the way fields are defined right now, just this should be another option in addition to existing ones.

It is possible to add a button which when pressed will adjust the values of a datetime field to run from midnight to midnight. When such an entity is displayed on a calendar, it is shown as an all day event.


You could also have a checkbox field so that such events are easily identifiable/filterable when in other views (table, board, list etc.)